Pâtés Rendezvous:
A Delicious holiday surprise

Surprise your holiday guests with delicious pâtés

The season of holiday gathering is here! That means, family, friends and, of course, food. Surprising holiday guests with exciting new food ideas is something every host loves to do.

The holiday entertaining season kicks off with Thanksgiving traditional menu planned. That means flavor surprises can be few and far between. Consider adding an elegant flair to that traditional menu with one or two different pate appetizers!

Here's some delicious ideas to kick off festivities and tide over appetites before turkey time:

- To create a simple, colorful and delicious appetizer spread, dice any country style such as Campagne, Pheasant Rosemary, Grand Marnier pâtés and serve with toothpicks. Garnish the cutting board or serving tray with nuts, and colorful fruit such as strawberries, grapes or cherries.

- Spread some ALEXIAN Truffle Mousse or ALEXIAN Duck Liver Mousse into the hollow side of celery sticks – it makes an easy-to-eat appetizer perfect for mingling guests to munch on.

- Deviled pate? Why not stuff hardboiled eggs with your favorite mousse? Mix it up with a fork and decorate it with fresh herbs or some relish on top!

Gourmet tip:
To add a truly unique flavor to turkey stuffing, include a bit of diced Alexian Forest Mushroom pâtés. Only a small amount is needed to add a delicious new flavor to traditional stuffing.


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