March 2016

5-Star Club Sandwiches

Sandwiches are an easy way to enjoy your favorite pâté. In their simplest form, a healthy smear of a spreadable mousse or a thick slice of terrine between two slices of white bread is an ideal, satisfying snack. But to really kick your sandwiches up a notch, invite some other ingredients to the party. An update on the classic club, using the addition of pâté, will really take your lunch to the next level.

Pâté pairs great with turkey. For a savory twist on a traditional turkey club, try swapping the bacon out with a thin slice of Pâté de Campagne, or spread on a bit of Sage and Pork Mousse. As an added treat, substitute in slices of green apple for the tomato for a crisp and refreshing bite.

If you really want a pâté club that will wow, try using both mousse and pâté. An indulgent sandwich of Chicken & Veal Pâté, tomato jam, bacon, Truffle Mousse, and pea shoots, layered between three slices of sweet brioche, is a real showstopper. Serve with a simply-dressed green salad to complement this rich meal!

For a lighter snack, try double-decker tea sandwiches. Cucumber sandwiches get a creamy accompaniment with an added top filled with Mixed Vegetable Terrine. Radishes and cold butter meet their match in a base of Pheasant Rosemary Pâté. You can even try pairing two different types of pâté – Forest Mushroom Pâté topped with another layer of Mushroom and Artichoke Pâté really allows both flavors to shine.

With flavors like these, you don't even need to stop at two levels! Stack pickles on cheese on pâté. Or make a stack that would make Dagwood proud with all your favorites – different pâtés, cheeses, meats, condiments, vegetables, or anything else you want! When you level up your sandwich game, the sky is quite literally the limit.

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