April 2014

Pâté Rendezvous:
4 Mustards, 4 EPIC Flavors!

The tang of mustard and the creaminess of pâté – it's enough to make any foodie rejoice!

With Alexian pâtés, mustard becomes much more than a condiment. Spicy, honey, Dijon and good old-fashioned American yellow mustards are all delicious with Alexican pâtés. For a truly unique blend of complementary flavors, try these simple pâté and mustard pairings:

- Chicken Liver Mousse has a traditional New York deli style flavor that's made for a true spicy brown mustard. Go with the boldest mustard you can find – something with a grainy edge to it - and pair the big time flavors together on sliced pita bread or crisp baguette.

- Honey mustard has a sweet edge that's a great contrast to our most savory creations. Try our decadently savory Duck Rillette with honey mustard. But don't stop the indulgence there - spread both inside a crepe and top with sautéed onions and bell peppers.

- Dijon mustard is a French delight with a spicy sharpness that's great for traditional flavors like Pheasant Rosemary. Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and crunchy onions on crostini creates a bold yet delicate flavor profile in an instant.

- Country Style Pâtés makes standard yellow mustard an incredible treat. Mellower than other mustards, the bright yellow varieties still pack the acidic, sweet-tart flavor that goes so well with pate. Serve with cornichons on oatcake or flatbread crackers. The vivid yellow color makes it a striking party appetizer!

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